Welcome to the world of Lioncolony!

Lioncolony is a company based in Singapore founded by Oh Jia Hao, who’s area of expertise includes realistic visualisation, 3d mesmorising loops. His visuals are heavily influenced by fun and happy colours that invokes a memorable feeling of happiness and joy.  The imagery of Lioncolony are both realistic yet surreal, featuring products that are close to life, reacting with complementing 3D luxurious elements, together with fashionable textures and unconventional color palettes, creating a never seen before type of render.

When creating a 3D render, Lioncolony reflects a multi-dimensional approach to create mesmerizing animation loops to entice and evoke happiness.
You’d soon come to notice that  Lioncolony visuals are realistic yet it reflects the fun side of products. We make sure to incorporate fun textures, unconventional color palettes, and include a touch of ASMR that leaves you addicted for more.

Up till date, we have over 5 million views in Instagram and have worked with many reputable brands who has believed in us. Our breakthrough moment was working with big brands like Gucci, Marina Bay Sands Singapore , Axel Arigato, Floraiku, etc. Works has also been recognised and uploaded on Youtube video media brands like Buzzfeed, Oddly Satisfying, etc.

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